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My little boxer..... [14 Dec 2007|11:28pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Went to my second ultrasound today and well I guess I can no longer call the little one Caser Mclumpy Rainbird. As it's no longer looking like a little casper. Looks like a real baby. Just tiny lol. ^^ s/he is an active little thing, while they were doing the scan s/he kept bouncing about like it's gotta be mega fun in my tummy. I didn't think I would but I started crying when s/he started bouncing. It was amazing. Gutted Dan had to miss it for work. He's realy gutted about it too. I just hope the little one plays at the next scan.
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Casper McLumpy-Rainbird! [09 Dec 2007|12:20am]
[ mood | drained ]

Hiya peeps long time no see....
It's been a while since I was last on here. I appologise if I've missed anything. My PC is bust and I can only get on my mum's laptop on the rare occasion. Plus I been real busy.

ok so here we go story time...

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Happy new year! [01 Jan 2007|12:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Happy new year everyone!!


-Quit smoking for 6 months
-Re-made friends with a girl i knew from the day i was born
-Made friends with a guy I hadn't seen for 4 years
-My cleavage piercing grew out, got it done again grew out again
-Been cheated on
-Went to Glade festival with Chris, Loz, Wendy, Dan(Wendy's boyf), Wendy's parents Jim and Jenny, met some new fun people.
-Tried Nos
-Got hooked on Final Fantasy XI
-Got a fun job
-Lost my job
-My surface pericing on my tregus grew out, not getting it re-done.
-Turned 19
-Me and Chris broke up, Wasn't sure how i felt, having doubts and such
-3 days later got back together, too soon.
-Got a new tattoo (stars on my side)
-week later broke up
-week later got back together. We realised how much we loved each other can't live without each other ^^
-Punched my best friend for spreading lies about me. He's no longer my friend.
-Got my nose peirced.
-Went to delta wave for first time. was awsome, will do that again.
-Had christmas, was ill, slept.
-Boxing day was Chris and Carly Christmas, got Lillies and other cool things.

So in total not the best year ever if you ask me.

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My plan for 2007:

Get a job,
Get fit,
Eat right = No more Maccy D's for me *tear*
Quit smoking,
Learn Japanese,
Go back to college,
Learn more poi moves!
Learn to think before I speak,
Learn the life skill of patience,
Live with a more positive attitude,
Treat Chris like the patient, kind, caring guy he is.
Go and see my friends in portsmouth, not just at Route at night but day time too!

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[29 Dec 2006|01:18pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Hello guys, I understand it's been a while since I last posted on here, I totally forgot about it lol. Well. since my last post Chris showed up at halloween SSR after spending about £25 on a taxi to get to me as he knew I was there, it's the sweetest most random cute thing he's done, so, we've been back together since. I managed to loose (well.. put it down and have someone walk off with it in commercial road.) My Voller's corset and Mummy Racheal's Neko ears and my friends bag of make-up all in one go... *skint* I can't afford to buy it all back right now but i'm gunna do my best.

Um... what else?!..... I'm still into FFXI but it get's boring. I play for like half hour maybe each day... meh.

Oh yea, me and kayleigh ent to some mini anime do in waterstones in commercial road which was fun, i got a free manga book so was kewl! hehe.

I went to my First Delta wave on the 23rd Dec with Lozange which was teh awsome! This was the day after we had a big partay at his house got wasted and slept most of the day haha! We had another party after Delta wave though. W00t! but carlaaay was tired so she went sleepy bye bye's. :'(

I'm also currently learning japanesse, at home with Chris' old jap books which is kinda fun I keep testing my self on the first 10 letters of the hira gana alphabet and i'm doing quite well so far. One day i'll understand most of the language and become an English teacher in Japan! Well...that's what I hope at least! ^^

I'm bloody pissed off about E-bay screwing me over. I bought Chris his main X-mas pressie from there and after our situation I didn't order it till' a little late, which is understandable. but when i send the owner of the item i bid on a message saying it's been a while and still no word. they send me yes we have recieved payment but they cannot accept it as it's in british pounds, it states on his page that we can make postal orders and send them to him. WELL... I couldn't ONLY send a postal order due to lack of a debit card ect.. and i could only make it in british pounds, I infact sent more money on it then stated for the item so they could cash it into american dollers! as it has their name on they are the only ones able to cash it... and i currently cannot find the reciept(can't spell) and it's no way fair to make me pay double then I originally won it for. I'm skint and it's just after crimbo... how am i supposed to afford it. ><

I hope you all had a nice Crimbo?!

Mine was ok I was kinda ill for most of it *sigh* i got some cool stuffs though! I got's entire Chobit's DVD collection, an anime bag and a japanesse parasole (kinda a sun umbrella.) some optics and some booze to put in my optics and some chinese style PJ's. A Hello Kitty Clock and radio that looks like a tea cup and the lemon on the side lights up! From kayleigh. some Chobits manga books, Luna legend Tsukihime DVD, some jewelery and some bath stuff.

But my fave pressie which sadly wont last me forever were these!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
From my Darling Chris-da-bear ^^
The simple things make a girl happy!

I can't wait for Jess-a-roo to come down for her B-day!! w00t w00t *dance* It's gunna be teh fun! YAY JESS-A-ROO IN PORTSMOUTH AGAIN! ... I hope Zo-zo's comming!?! Oh! and Watch out guys! The Hippy we all know and love as Chris is comming out to SSR with us... yes, that's right... Chris...comming out! It's been so long! even I miss seeing him out...he's never out on the razz with me... then again he's never out on the razz.

wow i'm rambling on... Well... I miss you guys! see you all soon! COME TO SSR on NYE!!

So yea to sum it up, me and Chris are back together, E-bay ish teh ghey, Jess is comming down to SSR on NYE for her birthday, been patying, learning jap, Playing FFXI, and i'm incredibly poor... meh! *shrug* LUV! xXx

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